Picking out an outfit is an art form, but being able to combine your personal style with a sense of fashion and an element of comfort is the key to pulling off a great look.

Clean Pieces, is a streetwear clothing brand stemming from Jersey City, N.J. consisting of timeless pieces you will love to wear day to day. Versatile, streetwear is a trend that is here to stay, and what better way to clean up nice and look fly than to dare to impress by choosing from our collection today.

Influenced by hip-hop, graffiti, and high-end fashion, the brand is inspired by the zeal to keep the hustle real and true with an appreciation of art. Our pieces are uniquely designed with the ultimate collector in mind, keeping the presentation dope, fresh, effortlessly cool and stylish while never compromising on quality and authenticity of the pieces.  

Introducing Our Logo

Introducing our logo; The New Jersey state bug is the Honey Bee and what better way to create a buzz as a clothing brand from Jersey City, N.J. than by having our fuzzy little friend as our logo. Bees are important to the world and without them, the foods we love, would be lost. As artists, we are at a constant creative process, as bees are when pollinating.
 “As busy as a bee,” I know you’ve heard it, well don’t get nervous, we’ll only sting if you try to hurt us.